Stockholm 3

27. Juni 2013

Dear public!

One more time (but probably the last time!) CIRQUE JEMINO shows its programm in the wonderful Vasaparken in Stockholm!
Once again at 17:00!

Looking forward to see you,
Yours sincerly,
Herr Direktor.

One Response to Stockholm 3

  1. Airi Iliste sagt:

    It’s a pity I will miss your performance on saturday…
    But I’m very glad I met you yesterday at Vasaparkens tangofloor. Thank you for a wonderful unforgettable tango session! I don’t know how I shall go on with my tangolife without you further on….. You showed me, realized, something important and I don’t think I will be the same person after this. Now I know how it REALLY can be, what is REALLY possible…. and it’s not a matter of being so very well-skilled……. it’s a matter of attitude. Playfulness. Dare to be childish and try something else. It was such a gift playing around with you and I think I’m not the same person now. Because I have tasted to be free…. 🙂 Love to you!