Stockholm 2

26. Juni 2013

Uppskattade publiken,
Ladies and Gentlemen!

Sometimes the direction of CIRQUE JEMINO does not find a connection to the worldwideweb – then it might happen, that there are shows given, which are not published on this website before. Like the last two days. CIRQUE JEMINO was performing on måndag in the Rålambshovsparken and on tisdag in the Vasaparken.

Because of the great sucess and the big demand for repetition yesterday CIRQUE JEMINO will return! If the weather is fine today, then today – otherwise tomorrow.
In each case the show will start kl 17:00.

Still amazed by the impressing architecture of this beautyful city,
Yours faithfully,
Herr Direktor.

2 Responses to Stockholm 2

  1. Karen sagt:


    Will it be vasaparken or ralombovsparken today (Wednesday)?

    Best wishes

    • Jemino sagt:

      … oh yes – sorry, that really wasn’t clear!
      It was in the Vasaparken …
      I know, that’s a bit late now, but there is a consolation: tomorrow there will be another show – in the Vasaparken at 5 pm!